About ElastoCrete

Welcome to ElastoCrete™—a truly limitless concrete product!

ElastoCrete™ Countertop System

The incredible ElastoCrete system installs faster and with fewer polishing steps when compared with traditional systems. Our extraordinary product gives you the ability to create seamless and uniform countertops. This “pour in place” system allows for large seamless surfaces for floors and countertops. The ElastoCrete mix gives you the ability to couple with different sands, glass and aggregates for many different looks including marble, quartz, granite, concrete, travertine etc. You can use your imagination for unlimited looks, colors and creations. Because UV stable pigments used in pigment standard latex paints, can be used, almost every color on the fan deck is possible. Using the ElastoCrete System, jobs can be poured, polished and sealed in as little as 30 to 36 hours. The ElastoCrete System is the most profitable and easy to use system in the industry. It is anti microbial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic allergenic. ElastoCrete Is UV stable has compressive strengths of 10,000 PSI +. It can be polished unsealed with gloss satin or matte finishes.

For floors the standard recommended thickness is only 3/8 of an inch and can be poured over the current substrate including concrete, OSB, plywood, tile, vinyl, or even glued down comercial carpet. Because our ElastoCrete mix is basically pH neutral it has no adverse reactions in going over surfaces that can normally be a problem. For countertops the standard recommended thickness is only 1/2 inch, and can be poured with our system using OSB or plywood because of the flexural properties of ElastoCrete with very little risk of cracking.


Our ElastoCrete CushionCrete system is very unique In that it allows you to pour over rubber or cork material allowing for a more cushioned step for places like basketballs courts or working areas where people are on their feet all day. and insulation factors that assist with reducing noise transfer to spaces underneath the floor you’re pouring on like multi story buildings. Which gives you a better ST rating (Sound Transfer Class)

When using our ElastoCrete products, your imagination is the limit! 

ElastoCrete can be used for flooring, countertops, shower panels, wall panels, wainscoting, and decorative items such as fire pits, tables, and so much more.