Sample Blog Post

This is a sample blog post to show an example of how the blog posts will look.

For example you could start with a title and a tag line, and then have an image to grab attention. Then you could follow that up with a paragraph further explaining what your article is about.

You can change the alignment of your image by right clicking on it and selecting which alignment you want. This image is currently aligned to the left, which makes the text automatically come over the right of it.

It is a pretty clean look, and one that really helps if you are wanting to have a dynamic looking page.

Alternatively, you could have the image immediately underneath tag line, which may work better for horizontal images.

Other things to be aware of when creating a blog post are that you will want to make sure that you have a featured image. To select your featured image from your media library, click the “Post” tab in the right-side menu, and then click the “Featured Image” section.
From there you should see an option to select whatever image you want from your media library. Be warned that if you decide to crop the image that any cropping or edits you save to the image will permanently apply those changes everywhere that image is in use because it is editing the file.

Once you have the complete post made, you can hit publish. Or you can hit save draft to come back to it later. Drafts cannot be seen by the public.